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                Enrollment Guide for International Cooperative Education Programme between Anglia Ruskin University and Hubei Engineering University

                1.Programme Background

                Project approval organization: Chinese Ministry of Education

                Document No.: Jiao Wai Han No.10[2013]

                Instrument of Ratification No.: MOE42UK2A20131395N

                Cooperative University: Anglia Ruskin University ( ARU for short)

                2.Training Mode

                Students have to complete their first 3-year study in Hubei Engineering University. In the fourth year, they could choose to study in Anglia Ruskin University or stay in Hubei Engineering University. If the students complete their study successfully in Anglia Ruskin University, they will receive bachelor degree from both Hubei Engineering University and Anglia Ruskin University; If the students complete their four-year study in Hubei Engineering University, they will receive bachelor degree from Hubei Engineering University only.

                3.Introduction of Anglia Ruskin University

                Anglia Ruskin University was awarded university status in 1992. Today, with a student population of 31,000, it is one of the largest universities in the East of England, and a large provider of part-time education.

                Students of Anglia Ruskin University are on courses leading to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as to a range of professional qualifications. In addition to being one of the most significant suppliers of nurses and teachers to the professions, Anglia Ruskin University offers an ever expanding range of contemporary courses designed to meet the needs of the individual and the requirements of a knowledge-based economy.

                The main campuses at Cambridge and Chelmsford attract students not only from the East of England but in increasing numbers from mainland Europe and from further afield. In addition, the University has an extensive network of contacts with institutions throughout the world, delivering courses in countries as far removed as Malaysia and Trinidad.

                4.Programme Feature

                Bachelor degree from both Hubei Engineering University and Anglia Ruskin University are approved by Chinese Government.

                Through the cooperative education programmes the two parties aim to share the outstanding educational resources between them, carry out reform on the curriculum structure, teaching methodology and course contents in the current field of Civil Engineering, promote this field’s construction and development, and train undergraduate students to possess a solid foundation in Civil Engineering.

                5.Programme Advantage

                a.More Reliable: We have inter-university agreement with Anglia Ruskin University

                b. Much Safer: We provide the best teaching staff and management team

                c.More Economic: You could receive your bachelor degree in 5 years, 2 years earlier than in China, and it will save you about 50% cost than studying in the UK.

                d. Much Faster: Outstanding students may apply for an earlier enrolment to study abroad.

                e.More Choices: Students could continue their study or apply for local employment and residence.

                6.Admission Scheme

                Students entering the programme must obtain qualifying scores for entry into Hubei Engineering University on the national college entrance examination of the People’s Republic of China. The tuition fee is RMB 18000/year.

                7.Introduction of Major

                This program aims at cultivating senior “language + vocational” technical talents with integrated development in moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic areas, who have a systematically grasp of civil engineering basic theory, knowledge and skills, and access to basic training as civil engineers. They are able to use the knowledge and skills to analyze and solve practical engineering problems, work on civil engineering project construction, management, research and development in large and medium-sized enterprises (foreign-funded companies and joint ventures)at home and abroad.

                Core courses:

                Civil Engineering Construction

                Geotechnics and Engineering Geology

                Engineering and Building Mechanics

                Site Management and Safety

                IT Communications and Research Skills

                Mathematics for Civil Engineers

                Land Surveying

                Site and Engineering Surveying

                Concrete Technology

                Structural Mechanics and Dynamics

                Design of Structures

                Fluid Mechanics

                Group Design Project

                Engineering Contract Administration

                Research Methods and Individual Project in Civil Engineering

                Environmental Management for the Construction Industry

                Geotechnical Engineering

                Design Methods for Sustainable Buildings

                Elective Courses:Flood Defence;Highway Design and Construction

                8.Contact Information

                a.School of International Education

                Contact: Sun Ping, Feng Qian, Zhu Zhengfeng

                Contact Number: 0712-2345987

                Fax: 0712-2345659


                b.Enrollment and Employment Department

                Contact: Mr Wu, Mr Hu

                Contact Number: 0712-2345651

                Fax: 0712-2345668


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