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                Enrollment Guide for International Cooperative Education HND Programme between Wolverhampton University and Hubei Engineering University

                1.Programme Background

                The HND (short for Higher National Diploma) Programme held by Wolverhampton University in UK and Hubei Engineering University in China, has been successfully approved by E Jiao Wai Han Document No.39 (2009), and recorded by Chinese Ministry of Education. This programme consists of HND in Business and HND in Biotechnology.

                2.Training Mode

                Students will complete their 3-year study in Hubei Engineering University. In the first year, they mainly take some IELTS courses and compulsory courses, to prepare for the WEPE (short for Wolverhampton English Proficiency Examination) at the end of this year. Students obtaining a score of 5.0 or above in WEPE will then register with the University of Wolverhampton. They will then study for a further two years at Hubei Engineering University, during this time they will study a total of 18 University of Wolverhampton modules taught by Hubei Engineering University staff. The study will cover 6 modules on the English Plus Pre-Sessional Award (EPPA) and 12 modules on the HND Business Award. After they complete their study successfully, they will receive both diploma from Hubei Engineering University and HND Certificate and Language Certificate from the University of Wolverhampton. Students successfully completing the HND Business are automatically entitled to enrol onto the final year of either the BA (Hons) Business Management or BA (Hons) International Business Management course taught at the University of Wolverhampton. Hubei Engineering University will also give some priorities to the outstanding students under the related policy and regulations if they want to continue their bachelor study in China.

                3.Teaching Plan and Core CoursesCourse

                Course Name


                4AC004 Managing Financial Resources

                4BU005 Analytical Skills for Business

                4BU006 Learning for Business Success

                4HR001 Managing Individuals at Work

                4IB004 Global Business Environment

                4MK002 Marketing Principles

                5AC008 International Trade Finance

                5BE001 Entrepreneurial Creativity and Innovation

                5BU003 Analysing and Improving Processes

                5HR006 International Human Resources : The Key Issues

                5IB004 Managerial Economics

                5MK008International Operations, Logistics and Marketing



                language production skills(3EG007)

                Engaging with texts(3EG008)

                Communication and Study Skills(3EG006)

                English studies for business(3EG010)

                Learning through Text and Discourse:Intermediate(3EG004)

                Intermediate Writing and Grammar(3EG005)

                4.University of Wolverhampton

                The University of Wolverhampton is top 5 Public University in the UK, and also one of the first batch that have been mutual recognized by Chinese and British government. (http://www.jsj.edu.cn/index.php/default/news/index/302#W) RAE ( Research Assessment Exercise ) by British government in 2008 showed that the research level of University of Wolverhampton has reached world leading level, and its teaching quality has also been approved among the best by The Higher Education Academy with UK Professional Standards Framework. University of Wolverhampton has inter-university cooperative relationship with many other Chinese universities, eg. Arts College of Tsinghua University, Lan Zhou University, and Northeast Normal University.

                5.Admission Scheme

                Students entering the Programme must obtain qualifying scores for entry into Hubei Engineering University on the national or provincial college entrance examination of the People’s Republic of China. The tuition fee is RMB 16000/year.

                6.Contact Information

                a.School of International Education

                Contact: Sun Ping, Feng Qian, Zhu Zhengfeng

                Contact Number: 0712-2345987 Fax: 0712-2345659

                Website: http://http://gjjy.hbeu.cn/

                b. Enrollment and Employment Department

                Contact: Mr Wu, Mr Hu

                Contact Number: 0712-2345651 Fax: 0712-2345668

                Website: http://www.hbeu.cn/

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